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Surface Stabilizer for Green Sand Molds
SO syrup (T-MOLD)

Surface Stabilizer for Green Sand Molds Prevent water evaporation of foundry sand SO syrup Resolve defects!!

SO syrup is an advanced surface stabilizer that consists mainly of sugar alcohol with moisture keeping capabilities. Conventionally, the casting sand failures have been caused by the fact that molten cast iron could not be poured immediately after molding.
This necessary waiting time has changed the sand characteristics (moisture, rigidity, surface stability, air permeability, etc.) significantly.

In fact it is extremely difficult to control such changes in sand characteristics by adjusting the amount of primary and secondary binders. For this reason, this surface stabilizer has been developed to compensate for sand characteristics that may be insufficient at the time of pouring molten iron into the sand mold by preventing water vaporization, degradation of surface stability, mold shift, cracking, etc.


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  1. Crumbling of sand, the major cause of sand mold failures is avoided and the surface stability is enhanced to prevent sand inclusion, erosion or penetration.
  2. Better casting surface. Casting products such as manhole hatches, water pipe parts, art and handicraft objects that need letters, patterns or stripes in relief can be made with clear details.
  3. Smooth textures are obtained on the as cast surface, facilitating finishing processes such as machining and painting.
  4. SO syrup is in liquid form and can be diluted with water for spraying.
    (Once diluted, the solution does not separate any more.)
  5. SO syrup does not contain nitrogen or sulfur.
  6. According to the fire regulations SO syrup is defined as a non-dangerous substance and is harmless.


Component Reduced starch sugar
Property Transparent syrup-like solution
Concentration 701%
pH 4.06.5

Packing form

24kg 5Gallon-Can
250kg Drum


Use SO syrup as water solution. Dilution ratio is 1 (SO syrup) to 0.51(water).