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Automatic Cutiting, Automatic polishing and graphic analysis of nodularity for spheroidal graphite cast iron
Quick Polisher

  • Quick Polisher automatically tells you the nodularity of your cast iron melt within about 6 minutes after receiving a test piece cast by pouring your melt in a proprietary shell mold cup.


In-line installation

Because of its dry system, NAP-02 can be installed in a production line. Because of its automatic system, personal bias is avoided both in the polishing step and the structural analysis step. Further, analysis result is obtained within a few minutes and hence, can be immediately fed back to the melting operation.

Full automatic operation

All the processes from polishing to nodularity determination are done automatically, except the initial test piece casting.

In-line determination

Nodularity can be determined within 6 minutes at the minimum, and hence, quality judgment is done while the product is still in the production line.


  NAP-02 NAP-01 worker
Time for judgment 6 minutes 6 minutes about one day
TP processing before polishing Automatic cutting Cutting is necessary Company standard
TP processing method dry - dry / wet
Polishing dry wet
Installation in-line laboratory
Polish quality complete polish for imaging operator dependent
Data source averaged from 5 views for one TP operator dependent
Record data is stored test piece is stored
Personal bias none unavoidable

Possible big cost cut

On each process step

TP automatic cutting

*Out the sound
  • Step: 1st
  • Quick polishing

automatic polishing

*Out the sound
  • Step: 5th
    step 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
    polishig rough finishing medium finishing fine finishing finishing wiping off
  • Customizing the polishing operation

Automatic imaging

*Out the sound
  • Optical analogue type:Imaging corresponds to magnification of 100x, 0 views
  • Digital image storage:5 views (auto select)

Automatic analysis

*Out the sound
  • The analysis data can be stored.:The averaged value from 5 views is displayed.
  • The analysis data can be stored.

Specification [ Type : NAP-02 ]

Size W1400×D600×H1420 cm *Except protrusion
Weight 530kg
Procedure JIS or NIK
Time The whole process: Within 6 minutes *the set
Noise suppression Noise sources are enclosed inside the unit to keep the noise level below 85 db.
Safety measures
Automatic shut down of the instrument for incomplete closing of upper cover and test piece door.
Dust collection
Location: Installed inside the unit.
Supply AC3phase 200V/220V 50/60Hz
Used electricity Power AC3phase 200V/220V 50/60Hz
AC single phase 100V 50/60Hz
Control AC single phase 100V 50/60Hz
Electromagnetic circuit for air value DC24V
Total electrical capacity
Compressed air
0.5[Mpa] (Min.0.4[Mpa]) *Dry and clean air
Air flow volume
75 liter/min or above
Paint 5GY8.5 / 0.5


Cut method Dry wheel polishing
wheel diameter φ200mm
attaching / detaching one-touch action with a center cap (Exclude cutting)


  1. rough finishing
  2. medium finishing
  3. fine finishing
  4. finishing
  5. wiping off
Polishing method Dry wheel polishing
wheel diameter φ200mm(1st)、other φ100mm
attaching / detaching one-touch action with a center cap (Exclude cutting)


Magnification ×100
Field of view 10 field of view


Method of analysis JIS, NIK
Monitor 15 inche Touch panel(Supersonic type)
OS Windows Embedded
Interface USB port × 2

Test piece

Shape Cylindrical
Diameter φ20 Taper 0.1° or less
Length 80±5mm
Material FCD