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A new type instrument for nodularity determination
SGR Series Windows Edition / SGR-WIN

The final melt after spheroidization is poured into a Mg-Cup and nodularity is determined within only three minutes!

The same melt is poured into Mg-TP as well as Mg-Cup. Correlation with TP image analysis is obtained and the data is input. SG% in the basic program is automatically calibrated.

Features of SGR-WIN


Calibration curve is automatically corrected
by inputting data.
  Nodularity of FCD and CV is measured (SG%)
Touch panel type
(15 inch).
  precision ±5%
Data saved
for three years
  Past record can
be referred.

Screen Display

Select any material. Temperature is detected and analysis is displayed.

Screen for SG

Screen format can be customized.

  • Switching of temperature unit: deg.C / deg.F
  • Switching of temperature display accuracy: A degree / a tenth of a degree.
  • Switching of language: Chinese / English / Japanese

Experimental results suggest the following factors to be important for nodularity improvement.

  • Properties of the original melt before Mg treatment.
  • Performance of Mg treatment and inoculation.If eutectic solidification is above 1150° C (2102° F), improper Mg treatment and hence, insufficient nodularity may be suggested. If eutectic solidification is between 1130 and 1135° C (2066 and 2075° F), well-grown nodular graphite may generally be expected.
  • Chemical composition of the melt, including carbon equivalent and minor residual elements.
  • Casting section thickness.
  • Pouring temperature, time before pouring, and other process variables.

cooling curve




Dimension W410 × H360 × D130(mm)
Monitor 15 inch touch panel (supersonic type)
OS Windows XP Embedded
Memory 4 GB (for three years)
Temperature spec. JIS-K temperature range 0 to 1370°C
precision SG% ±5
Power source (AC)100-240V
Weight 11kg
Accessories a set of cup stand (5 m)
a touch pen
a USB memory for data handling