Structure of the Analyzer


1. Follows JIS standard.
2. Neither mouse nor keyboard is needed for usual measurement, as two buttons system is applied.
3. Quick work operation is expected, as taken graphite image is automatically analyzed.
4. No personal error by operators is existed in the measured result, as setting of factors needed for analyze have been done in advance of operation.
5. Printout of the result is automatically done after analysis, if a printer has been connected.
6. It is need only simple work with two buttons, that operation is very easy. (Though in the case of lot control, it needs keyboard input.)
7. For operation process control, it is applicable to set on working floor.
8. It is booted on Windows and extraction of data is applicable using USB port.(It is easy to confirm data, as they are saved in a date file.)


Main body Dimension 380(W)*320(H)*75(D)
Power source AC100-240V 50/60Hz 1.6A
Light source    
SPH-50 Dimension 70(W)*112(H)*220(D)
  Type of lamp H12V50W20H
  Power source AC100V 50/60Hz
SPH-100 Dimension 74(W)*118(H)*244(D)
  Type of lamp H12V100W10H
  Power source AC100-120V 50/60Hz Selelector switch attached
AC200-240V 50/60Hz Selelector switch attached
CCD Camera Pixel number 795(H)*596(V)
  Power source DC12V 10%
Control unit Dimension 130(W)×57(H)*176(D)
  Power source AC100-240V 50/60Hz 1.2A

A concrete example

1 After automatic start
Window for the software of two button system
7 Setting change window
* Delete diameter, defect
* Make two values range, manual -- auto change

2 Initial calibration Macroscopic check on the setting of nodularity etc.

  8 Lot No. prepare window
* Top 5
* Random
* Range specify -- Select. window
* Field fix

3 In automatic analyzing
9 Master maintenance
Master for customer

4 After analyze and evaluate
10 Master maintenance
Master for material

5 Process of work is
Put a test specimen on the examine mount.
Push the red button twice, while observing an image
(1st push is confirming of the image and 2nd push is set)
11 Master maintenance
Master for products and item No.

6 Take in the images needed (Max.10)
Screen image shifts to the window (in automatic analyzing), when the black button is pushed.
If master maintenance was registered in advance, the work for lot registration may become easy and simple.